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Thu, 27 Jul 2000 00:06:53 -0800

I've seen the first 6 eps. of Big O. It reminds me a lot of the first
series of Eat Man. It's slow. There's plenty of talking,(not really
sure what of--it was untranslated.) At the end of each episode there
are, say 10 sec of action. The robot of the week shows up, big O
shows up, big O wins. No Voltron padded out battle scenes here. The
big O pulls out its mega punch "blazing sword" the first chance it
gets. It makes for very short battles. Maybe it is a test for bandai
to see what american audiences will accept because I can't see it
becoming popular.

The Big O has none of the attributes that successful anime series in
america have shown--
1. cuteness
2. action
3. comedy
(no sex or violence either)

The only thing it's got is that it looks exactly like the batman
animated series.

Either this is a test to see what kind of fans will watch or bandai
just isn't thinking. Unfortunately I think it is the later.


>Has anyone seen all of the Big O yet? I watched the first episode raw last
>night, and i was pretty dissapointed. It's got nifty art and decent
>character designs (sorta has an American feel to it at times, and I can't
>quite figure out why), but the mecha design is ....... yuck. I was never
>one for the whole 70's giant robot look (except for Gekiganger, which owns
>us all) and these things are ugly as can be. The show seemed
>semi-interesting up until the main character yells out "Big O ... it's
>showtime!" and this butt ugly giant robot comes up out of the ground to
>fight another bank robbing mech. OOGLAY. I can forgive it if its got some
other redeeming qualities that come about in the future, but right now
it's dropped right off my list of things to watch.
> Big O seems
>like an odd choice to me (unless it gets different in the future) since
>america doesn't even have the historical significance of 70's style giant
>robots to draw it ... but Outlaw Star is a perfect fit, and I think will
>do really well.

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