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That's right...anybody remember the American "Doctor Who" movie?

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> > If some American animation company, let's say Pixar, bought rights to
> Gundam
> > and produced another Gundam series, as deep and realistic as the others,
> and
> > the only difference was American animation, production, design, etc.,
> > many of you would disregard it?
> The problem with saying 'If there was a US made Gundam as good as the
> existing stuff' is that...
> [Well being picky, in my case I'd have to discuss a UK made Gundam to
> the same points... (presumably not-foreign vs foreign, right?)]
> Yes, If such a thing happened I would watch it the same regardless.
> [I mean, I could ask 'So, if the BBC somehow ended up with the rights to
> make Star Trek and (miracle of miracles) managed to get a decent budget
> the thing. How many of you would disregard it?]
> The real problem with that question though is that while UK sitcoms do
> in America and American sitcoms do well over here when either country
> to produce a local version it either bombs or is so far removed from the
> original that it's not the same show anymore.
> And if that's true for two countries with (allegedly) so much in common,
> much more so would it be for the US and Japan?
> Honto no watashi ga hirogaru
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