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My flashlight is too weak or my carpet is too deep. A better flashlight,
you say? We're not all made of money, you know. The tuna can couldn't help
me, because I loose them while assembling. Maybe stickygloves would help.
Anyone know where I can get some stickyhands? And some gundam markers?
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For those who are under 25, that subject title was a spoof on a song from
the 70s.
A good way for locating any small, but not flat parts on the floor or rug is
by placing a flash light on the floor, laying on it's side, and turn it on.
By moving it around, anything raises from the carpet,: part, pizza crust,
roach.. you name it, will cast a shadow, which makes it a little easier to
sport. Sometimes I kept a empty tuna fish can ( a little heavier and harder
to knock over) next to me to collect and hold small pieces.
As for decals, if they are the sticker kind, this is what you do...
Go to your local post office. Find a Priority Mail sticker Label. Remove
the label and you now have the waxed paper which you can make into a
temporary decal holding place.
Gus Jae
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> > The most annoying thing is losing those polycap parts under the table
> > (especially if you have dark carpet). I hired my brother to find a
> > for me for a hefty reward, and he searched for half an hour without
> > it. I, however, used my method of sweeping the carpet with my arms and
> > found it within ten seconds. Then another annoyance is dropping a
> and
> > then finding it on the bottom of your shoe a week later.
> The thing with polycaps is, is that if you ever lose one or run out...
> other kits have plenty of extra. I just finished the 1/144 Turn A Gundam,
> and the entire spree is basically unused.
> ~Andy Lee
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