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I had a feeling that's what it meant, hence the earlier part of the
question. Thanks. Now, someone tell me what "Arigato" means. I saw it
written on the back of a sign as I was leaving Shogun Japanese Steak House
earlier tonight. It's one of those places where the chef throws stuff into
the air with knives and spatulas and sets himself on fire, etc. right in
front of you. Is that kind of dining common in Japan, or is it something
unique to America? I wonder this for a logical reason. I've read that in
Japan, they eat at low tables, whereas we eat at high tables in America.
Both would sound equally amusing to either culture, I guess, so, just as we
wonder why they eat on the floor, they may wonder why we eat up on tables.
One might think that we do this to be at the same level of the grill, so we
can get our food a second earlier. Well, to accommodate this need for
speed, why not put the grill on the table, and while you're at it, make it
entertaining to ease the agony of waiting? Anyway, that's why I ask.
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> P.S. someone fill in a hopeless geek and tell me what an "otaku" is.

A hopeless geek actually. ^_^ A fanboy, someone obsessed with a trivial
(not the game. ^_^)

---Brett Jensen

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