Paul Fields (
Wed, 26 Jul 2000 12:39:17 -0400

> Actually, I'm surprised you don't just use the Gundam Senki stats
> straight up. I mean, they ARE official Gundam stats for Mekton Z.
> Anyone heard if RTG is going to release it over here? I e-mailed them
> earlier this year and got no response.
> Trevor in California

Well let me put it this way if the Gundam Senki stats were any good
I'd do just that, there are things he's done to modify Mekton that are
good for simulating Gundam but he's also mutated Mekton as to make
it unrecognizeable to regular players... There is NO one source made
out of whole cloth, and since all Bandai/Sunrise approved were some
materials related to Gundam world and history, I don't think its official
as they didn't concern themselves with game mechanics, and the mech

Tomino has his name on a lot of Gundam that I don't consider Gundam
just because it says 'official' timeline and history doesn't mean the MS
and mechanics to run the game are any good.


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