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Has anyone seen all of the Big O yet? I watched the first episode raw last
night, and i was pretty dissapointed. It's got nifty art and decent
character designs (sorta has an American feel to it at times, and I can't
quite figure out why), but the mecha design is ....... yuck. I was never
one for the whole 70's giant robot look (except for Gekiganger, which owns
us all) and these things are ugly as can be. The show seemed
semi-interesting up until the main character yells out "Big O ... it's
showtime!" and this butt ugly giant robot comes up out of the ground to
fight another bank robbing mech. OOGLAY. I can forgive it if its got some
other redeeming qualities that come about in the future, but right now
it's dropped right off my list of things to watch.
On a happier note, Outlaw star is great. I loved every minute of it, and
can't wait to get my greedy little paws on the DVD's. Not as deep as
Cowboy Bebop (which I'm coming around to) or TriGun (The other show its
sorta compared to), but its entertaining. Sorta like a
popcorn-and-bucket-of-coke enjoyable summer movie type deal. Good to see
all kinds of quality anime showing up in north america ... Big O seems
like an odd choice to me (unless it gets different in the future) since
america doesn't even have the historical significance of 70's style giant
robots to draw it ... but Outlaw Star is a perfect fit, and I think will
do really well.

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On Wed, 26 Jul 2000, Chris Maier wrote:

> Bandai surely wants to get a monoply on the American anime broadcast/cable scene. According to this article: > > Big 0 and Outlaw Star are coming to CN. Big 0 has certainly been hyped on this board a bit, and Outlaw Star apparentally is a well-animated series that is similar to Bebop, but lacks the "edge". > >

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