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Paul Fields wrote:
> > The biggest difference is I kludge in Ben Wright's guidlines for doing
> > Gundam in Mekton. Some MS stats are up on my page,
> > http://www.geocities.com/gwyon_bach/mecha.html, but it really is in need
> of
> Hmmm... damges and stuff aren't too different, like you said Ben's rules
> are the biggest difference, and I just don't use +MAs I think positive MA
> should be reserved for Newtype systems and the like since then the pilot
> can see the future, and take full advantage of a machine that responds as
> fast or faster than the pilot normally would.
> But if I just shift all your MAs over 2 or 3 points to the negative, then we
> are almost exactly the same. Also I have not added the Maneuver Pool
> ratings to my units, but should do so soon... since that makes ace pilots
> better in a better machine, and does that better than a reflexes cap does.
> Also the difference in MA might easily be explained by the Zakus only
> weighing half their series weight on your page.. I tried to make the game
> weight match the series weight so later lightweight supermechs could be
> in the same game as old clunkers. Try my MV page out for an idea of
> where I rate mechs from various series, and remember I never give +MA
> so the Zeta Gundam at MV 0 is the fastest thing ever... same as a few
> of the GP series, and the Alex, but Alex and Zeta were built for Newtypes
> and will get +MA because of their newtype pilots ability.
> http://www.wizard.net/~raiden/degree.htm
> In total I've used these references to come up with my game:
> Robyn Patterson's "Mobile Suit Mekton" (Mecha Press)
> Kevin Ogles - Gundam Mekton (I played in his game, got his mechs)
> Ben Wright's "Gundam Campaign Guide"
> Hobby Japan's - Gundam RPG
> ASCII Pub's - "Gundam Senki" for Mekton Zeta
> Mekton II - Shots that go through all torso kills force a powerplant roll
> Mekton Z - XS 5 for all Hot plants, all plants are hot.
> Characters are only 60 point, Gundam characters are realistic, not
> heroic.
> Modified - Plant Explosions do 2D6, and 1D6 kills depending on proximity.
> Cyberpunk - Allow 'snap shots' to increase initiative score, but lose
> accuracy.
> Paul

Actually, I'm surprised you don't just use the Gundam Senki stats
straight up. I mean, they ARE official Gundam stats for Mekton Z.
Anyone heard if RTG is going to release it over here? I e-mailed them
earlier this year and got no response.

        Trevor in California

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