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> > Cyberpunk - Allow 'snap shots' to increase initiative score, but lose
> > accuracy.
> But what's counted as a snap shot? Most mechs use a/c HUD type
> symbology or something similar although there are many with a type of
> coincidentally type range finding/targeting system. Scopes on MS
> rifles
> seem to be for show because it's not like a suit cantighten a sling,
> get tath weapon squarely ina shoulder pcoket and place that front
> sight
> post on a target and aim until it becomes clear as well chorinated
> swimming pool.

That would be the aiming bonus, and actually the scope on an MS rifle
reads into the "X-Wing" style targeting scope that is in every Fed cockpit
so they can pull it in fromnt of their eyes, and see what the rifle sees,
although never used as such in the anime would allow MS to shoot around
corners and only risk the weapon, and the arm that holds it...

The info from the scope camera is fed through the handle of the weapon
to the computer in the cockpit, and displayed on the targeting scope... the
info from the eyes and the mohawk camera go right into the HUD monitors.
Although the PG Gundam instruction manual says the scope does some
laser rangefinder stuff, and compares it with the eye camera data...

Snap shots are slinging the gun in the bad guys general direction and taking
the first shot that feels right, you're trying to be first, not the most


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