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Paul Fields wrote:
> Hmmm... damges and stuff aren't too different, like you said Ben's rules
> are the biggest difference, and I just don't use +MAs I think positive MA
> should be reserved for Newtype systems and the like since then the pilot
> can see the future, and take full advantage of a machine that responds as
> fast or faster than the pilot normally would.

        Of course Newtype mounts will almost kill any mundanes who try
to hop in linear seat and take it out for a spin.... At elast with
case :P

> Cyberpunk - Allow 'snap shots' to increase initiative score, but lose
> accuracy.

        But what's counted as a snap shot? Most mechs use a/c HUD type
symbology or something similar although there are many with a type of
coincidentally type range finding/targeting system. Scopes on MS
seem to be for show because it's not like a suit cantighten a sling,
get tath weapon squarely ina shoulder pcoket and place that front
post on a target and aim until it becomes clear as well chorinated
swimming pool.
        For those of you who never seen or ehard about coincidence type
rangefinders- old tankers and artillery (espeically AA) used them with
before the days of the laser. Two eeypeices a real image for one eye
the false one for another and these images would come together as
were adjusted to match elevation/range. Since misses tend to be due to
range guesstimation errors coincidence sights had a plus/minus of ten
percent in terms of accuracy. Actually pretty damned good for
analog and required high end grounded and polished glass (they don't
make this kind of stuff any more). Naturally laser rangefinders and
ballistic computers make this pretty moot although I've heard Minovski
type effects can effect radiation in the IR range (which includes
rangefinders). May explain wire guided anti-mech missiles.
        The problems with coincidence sights is that it requires the same
vision in both eyes and most human beings tend to be one eyed dominant
that cuts into accuracy limitations and it can drive people crazy
exactly two iamges at once. It's a helluva lot easier to lase a
get a range readout and let a computer elevate the gun barrel and let
the big sabot of death.

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