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> On page 24 The HS thingie is in chapter 2, on the top of the page is a five.
> The HS thingie is in the bottom right corner.

Title is (5) Decoration, it's about stickers and panel lines

HS: "wah! This sticker is too large, it's buldging out!" If you reapply
the sticker, sometimes it peels off the plastic on its own, [so try to be
careful and trim it ahead of time and put it on right the first time].
If you are not very picky, you can just tolerate these little defects, or
you can use a knife to cut off the excess part.

HS: "Aiya, I misapplied the sticker!" Use a hairdryer to soften the
sticker as you peel it off again. Stickers are fragile, if you damage it,
your only resort is go to painting.

> Page 42 is in chapter3, It has a 8 on the top of the page

(8) Priming. You can see the recommended primer is Mr. Surfacer 1000
spray can. Keep about 30cm between part and can. Spray it evenly until
the red (the part in the photos is a red foot) just barely show through
the grey primer, that's the right amount. the middle row shows HS
spraying too little primer. HS say "Ok, let me spray more on it", Master:
"wait! you gotta wait for the primer to dry off, sand off the old layer of
primer before you spray again".

Bottom row shows HS sprayed too much primer. Obscuring the details and
panel lines. Once again, it's fixed by waiting for the primer to dry
completely, sand it off and re-spray.

> Page 46 is the last page in chapter 3 with a nine on the top of the page. The
> text is on the top left corner.

Now that priming is done, we are ready for painting. "Hey, how come the
head is now primed?" The head features a lot of fine details, priming
could obscure these details.

> On page 74 The HS thingie is in chapter 5 on top of the HS thingie is what
> looks like the Jet thing on the Wing Zero.

Page 72 to 74 explains how to use masking tape for air brushing. The HS
thingie shows two common mistake/accidents:

1. paint seep through the gaps in the masking tape, fix this by carefully
(using a fine brush) painting the base colour over the seeped/spilled

2. When using a knife to trim the masking tape ON the model, it's a common
accident to scratch the plastic. Use sand paper (often folded into a
small pointy thing) to remove the scratch, use some sprayed primer

How's that? Now I guess I can do a little bit more, but you understand i
can't translate the whole book right?

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