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>I would love it every bit as much as any animation or story lover would.
>If you didn't liked it just because it wasn't Japanese made, then you're
>condemning american-made substances and materials just because they aren't

>Japanese made. You just like Anime because it's Japanese made. If you
>liked anything just because it's good, then you're not some fanboy who
>stereotypes and condemns everything else; you're actually thinking with
>your brain. For me, I like anything that's "good", and even dislike many
>types of Anime because it's poorly made, or can be made better. Before I
>watched X Men, I thought the movie would be some cheesy thing. However
>after watching it though...I was purely impressed and my thoughts was a
>majority of positive impressions. There's nothing wrong with
>"Americanized" personalities. Everybody is human, it's just how much
>creators exaggerate or stereotype a character's personality which makes it

>bad or good. Fiction is not fiction if they made a character's personality

>entirely realistic. They have to do stupid and smart things
>interchangeably in order for it to be entertaining.

personally, I think that it doesn't matter where the idea came from. I love
the idea of gundam, period. if it were made by americans I wouldn't mind.
but I do admit that i have a liking for the so-called anime look. even then,
i sometimes wonder what if gundam were american might have turned
out more interesting in some aspects.

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