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Tue, 25 Jul 2000 21:46:16 PDT

I agree. While I may like a well done American Gundam, (or any other anime
for that matter) I just won't consider it Gundam. There's much more to Anime
than just the art style and the steotypical anime quirks. There is the way a
character is built, and you can't have that reproduced anywhere else, except
Japan. Not that I'm accusing anyone of incompetency, it's just that there's
a different sort of upbringing, cultural values and overall enviroment they
grew up with.
Take this example. A american version of Ranma would have them sitting
around the little table, eating their breakfast/lunch/dinner. While this
scene can be reproduced, I would say it would be different from the original
Ranma. The people who make the american version would have some idea as to
what it's about, eating, sitting around, and doing whatever, but if they
haven't done it all their lives, they cannot comprehend it as a facet of
life. Of course, that's just a very one sided opinion of it.
Anime is built from the lifestyles of the Japanese, something nobody but the
Japanese have experienced. If you watched Japanese TV dramas and movies,
you'll see a similar style to that of anime, in terms of narrative
direction, camera angles, speech patterns, etc.
It's not that I don't like American cartoons, or their way of life, but I
just think that this is more than a matter of producing a cartoon. If the
Americans do produce (or at least, try to) an anime, Gundam especially, they
will seriously mess it up. Every country has a culture, and a way of doing
things, so what should be done, is to leave the anime to the Japanese.
P.S. This is a very biased opinion, but I don't discriminate against either
sides. Should you say the Japanese producing a Spiderman sentai show, I
would put out the exact same opinions. Thank you for any flamy remarks that
might come my way in advance.

>As for my quick impression of BGC comic adaption and many other Anime
>adaptions; sorry doods, Americans just don't get Anime. It's simply how
>Americans and Asian people were brought up; different. How an Asian goes
>about writing and expressing their ideas is completely different how
>Americans do it. I am not denying Americans can write and impress good
>stories/ideas, but how their society has conditioned their style of writing
>is what gets to me. When they try to understand that Anime is about
>characters with big eyes, poorly animated mouths, big guns, lots of
>explosions, and witty stereotypical Anime quirks (ie. big Anime sweat
>roll)...they've got it all wrong.
>And it doesn't matter where the money is exactly coming from. You should
>be most concerned who's behind the wheel, and how the product rolls out.
>Everything inbetween, we can pretty much disregard till we see it; then we
>can condemn and blame whoever screwed up the mess...or praise the people
>responsible for masterpieces.

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