Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Tue, 25 Jul 2000 16:53:43 -0700

Dude, that sucks, but maybe Bnet has finally crashed - they've been
overloaded since Diablo II came out.

What's your ID on Bnet?


>'Lo list,
> I am so frustrated! My god-damned ISP has changed their service! Now, I
>come home after an eight hour car drive and want a bit of relaxation, so I
>decided to play everyone's favorite game, Starcraft! I start and I connect
>to battle.net. 'Lo and behold, it says battle.net cannot initzialze the
>connection, and that you need to start the connection manually. So I
>disconnect and reconnect, same thing. I restart the freakin computer! Same
>thing, over and over. So I reinstall starcraft altogether and it seems that
>Battle.net is not responding. I try again, same thing! Why must I be so
>cursed? All I wanted was a little relaxation, and look what happens. I think
>I will join CashFiesta and get a Sazabi to cure my woes next month. Thats
>all from the trenches of New Jersey.
>Over and Out,
>"...and here's the Jefferson Family, who moved up from the east side to
>finally get a piece of the pie." Mafia!
>"He loved Big Brother", Last Lines in George Orwell's 1984
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