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Titan AE = good movie

But still animated in that classical Disney way, and too many ship chasing
scenes. It could have compressed a lot...and that extra space could have
been used for character development.

Hence, that was the main problem with SW Episode 1; too many scenery shots
and establishing the scene. There were a lot ot scene switching; so much
it gave me a headache...Lucas could have skipped all the fancy doody
scenery tricks and got down to some character development.

>Unfortunately, with the failure of Titan A.E, it does'nt look like that
>won't happen anytime soon, although there's a lot of hype about something
>called "Cybersix"
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>> > But enough about my American animation rant. I think most American
>> > attempts to make products and or series based on anime end up being
>> > up, look at New Adventures of Speed Racer, and especially Voltron 3D.
>> > I'm not a big fan of Adam Warren's comic takes on Dirty Pair and
>> > Crisis .Then there are other foreign properties which got messed up,
>> > Godzilla and the British show Doctor Who, which suffered from messed-up
>> > remakes.This actually works on both sides of the coin. Japan actually
>> > Spider-Man into a wacked-out Sentai show!American money can enter a
>> > project-take for example, Bubblegum Crisis 2040, Street Fighter Zero,
>> > or Sol Bianca 2, which have American money put into them, but
>> I'll have to disagree with you here. I exceedingly loved Grand Mal (Adam
>> Warren's take on BGC). I just read it last weekend, and as a long time BGC
>> fan, I felt it really captured the feeling that is bubblegum crisis. And
>> hell, tell me it wasn't cool seeing Priss as retro-thrash rather than glam
>> rock ("I'm not you're whore, I'm your angel of death!") ... not that I
>> have anything against glam rock, the original BGC OSTS's are among my top
>> 10 favorite non-Yoko Kanno OST's.
>> I haven't had a chance to read his Dirty Pair books yet, but a friend of
>> mine has them all and says they're great, so I'm sure one of these days
>> I'll get around to reading them.
>> However, on the whole US influenced anime thing, I can agree with the
>> "sell out" aspect of it, but all it will take is one really well done US
>> anime-esque production to make me change my opinion. I'm sure it will
>> happen some day..
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