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For me as a BGC fan, I can't stand to look at the adaption of BGC..it's
simply horrid. I watched BGC in original JP dubbed format and I grew up on
BGC. When I watched the dubbed version, I practically screamed in terror.
When I watch BGCrash, I screamed...but not as much as I did when I saw the
dubbed version of BGC. When I saw 2040, my face scrunched up. However, I
did see the BGC in it and I am completely impressed by the new version of
BGC. It's fresh and new, but still maintains BGC.

As for my quick impression of BGC comic adaption and many other Anime
adaptions; sorry doods, Americans just don't get Anime. It's simply how
Americans and Asian people were brought up; different. How an Asian goes
about writing and expressing their ideas is completely different how
Americans do it. I am not denying Americans can write and impress good
stories/ideas, but how their society has conditioned their style of writing
is what gets to me. When they try to understand that Anime is about
characters with big eyes, poorly animated mouths, big guns, lots of
explosions, and witty stereotypical Anime quirks (ie. big Anime sweat
roll)...they've got it all wrong.

And it doesn't matter where the money is exactly coming from. You should
be most concerned who's behind the wheel, and how the product rolls out.
Everything inbetween, we can pretty much disregard till we see it; then we
can condemn and blame whoever screwed up the mess...or praise the people
responsible for masterpieces.

>> But enough about my American animation rant. I think most American
>> attempts to make products and or series based on anime end up being messed
>> up, look at New Adventures of Speed Racer, and especially Voltron 3D. Plus,
>> I'm not a big fan of Adam Warren's comic takes on Dirty Pair and Bubblegum
>> Crisis .Then there are other foreign properties which got messed up, like
>> Godzilla and the British show Doctor Who, which suffered from messed-up
>> remakes.This actually works on both sides of the coin. Japan actually
>> Spider-Man into a wacked-out Sentai show!American money can enter a
>> project-take for example, Bubblegum Crisis 2040, Street Fighter Zero, Sin,
>> or Sol Bianca 2, which have American money put into them, but
>I'll have to disagree with you here. I exceedingly loved Grand Mal (Adam
>Warren's take on BGC). I just read it last weekend, and as a long time BGC
>fan, I felt it really captured the feeling that is bubblegum crisis. And
>hell, tell me it wasn't cool seeing Priss as retro-thrash rather than glam
>rock ("I'm not you're whore, I'm your angel of death!") ... not that I
>have anything against glam rock, the original BGC OSTS's are among my top
>10 favorite non-Yoko Kanno OST's.
>I haven't had a chance to read his Dirty Pair books yet, but a friend of
>mine has them all and says they're great, so I'm sure one of these days
>I'll get around to reading them.
>However, on the whole US influenced anime thing, I can agree with the
>"sell out" aspect of it, but all it will take is one really well done US
>anime-esque production to make me change my opinion. I'm sure it will
>happen some day..
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