Tomoe Souichi (
Tue, 25 Jul 2000 18:57:48 -0400

'Lo list,

        I am so frustrated! My god-damned ISP has changed their service! Now, I
come home after an eight hour car drive and want a bit of relaxation, so I
decided to play everyone's favorite game, Starcraft! I start and I connect
to 'Lo and behold, it says cannot initzialze the
connection, and that you need to start the connection manually. So I
disconnect and reconnect, same thing. I restart the freakin computer! Same
thing, over and over. So I reinstall starcraft altogether and it seems that is not responding. I try again, same thing! Why must I be so
cursed? All I wanted was a little relaxation, and look what happens. I think
I will join CashFiesta and get a Sazabi to cure my woes next month. Thats
all from the trenches of New Jersey.

Over and Out,

"...and here's the Jefferson Family, who moved up from the east side to
finally get a piece of the pie." Mafia!

"He loved Big Brother", Last Lines in George Orwell's 1984

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