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If some American animation company, let's say Pixar, bought rights to Gundam
and produced another Gundam series, as deep and realistic as the others, and
the only difference was American animation, production, design, etc., how
many of you would disregard it? Would it make a difference to you if the
animation was the same quality or better (yeah, right), but it wasn't anime?
Would it matter if you could sense the American influence on everything from
the characters' personalities to the theme music? I'd really like to hear
your opinions on this!
I, for one, love Gundam for two main reasons: 1.) giant, gun-wielding,
mechas 2.) It's anime. So, from that, I can deduce that I would like it
about half as much.
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>Yes it's personal preference. However, I don't see any good reason to
>to prevent people from expressing their particular preference on this ML.

 Because, Chris, this topic has a bad habit of turning into flamewars. I
 still have one member of the ML filtered from the fansub flamewar about a
 month back. I don't want to see another, and after 20 years in anime
 fandom, this is one of the topics that gets people hotter under the collar
 than anything...

 Excatly. Now, to safer topics. I do not want Gundam to be a fad, as fad's
don't last very long. If Gundam becomes a fad, most Gundam shows will never
be shown on US television, because with the US TV schedule, it will take
years to show all of Gundam! :)

  Most fad's only last a few years. Gundam has been around for 20 years and
there's so much Gundam stuff out there, that Gundam's going to need to hold
interest for years in the US. I mean, if we're lucky, stuff like Crossbone
Gundam, Gaia Gear and the various novels and manga's could get animated to
help keep interest in Gundam in the US, if Gundam in the US last's long
enough that the anime is exhausted.

  All that's been shown on US television is Wing. So, it seems likely only
one Gundam show a year will be shown, if interest in Gundam stays fairly
steady. By the time all the Gundam anime's shown in the US, there's likely
be 2-4 new Gundam show's waiting in the background, ya know! :)

  Some are tired of Gundam, but I think Gundam's still got plenty of life in
it. Bandai is constantly making new kits and toys of various Gundam shows,
that's got to mean there's still tons of Gundam interest in Japan yet. As
long as Gundam makes money for Bandai and Sunrise, Gundam will exist.
will only cease to exist when Gundam no longer makes money. We all know if
Gundam wasn't still profitable, it would have been canned long ago.


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