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How about everyone wearing helmets? Can't go wrong with helmets. I don't
know why no one wears them but retarded people. It's not like they're
illegal, and I don't know
about you, but stuff hits me on the head all the time. I bet more people
would wear them if they looked cooler. You can't find anything like Zech's
helmet out there. Just a suggestion; I won't be coming (no car).
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> >I dont think it was decided how those of us that were going there were
> >going to know each other.

Hmmm I might wear my Punisher/Ghost Rider T-shirt... or my Timberwolf
T-shirt with the big paw prints on the back... At 6"2" and large, you'd have
to try not to see me...

> Well, in any case, don't look for me guys. I just lost my job, and don't
> have the time or money (esp. the latter) to make it...

Chris are you really far from the Con? Neil and I were probably only gonna
be there Saturday, and leaving early then to make my Gundam game on that


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