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> On Mon, 24 Jul 2000, Michael Wong x4241 wrote:
> > > Has anyone ever done any of these kits? I built the RX-78 and it
> > > falling apart. The arms are constantly falling off. I can't even
touch it
> > > without it falling apart. Are all the 1980 Gundam kits like this? Or
is it
> > > just the RX-78?
> >
> > Yeah, I've done those kits when I was still in grade school. You need
> > to apply vast quantities of glue liberally to keep the kits from
> > falling apart. Pretty much all the original series Gundam kits are
> When I was a kid when these kits came out, that's the approach I took: not
> staying together? More glue, different glue, huge big messy glob of glue.
> It's a big failure and I got totally turned off by mecha kits. Now having
> done a few kits from that era again, I know the answer is not glue.
> The reason the glue doesn't hold the parts together is that the parts
> don't "kiss" or "mate" perfectly, so the glue had only a few small spotty
> areas to do their job. The proper modelling glue is thin (water-like) and
> works by dissolving a bit of the kissing surfaces before evaporating away.
> These glue can't be used to "bridge" gaps in mating surfaces.
> The solution is not more glue, but test-fitting and then carefully sanding
> and filing to make the parts kiss perfectly. Then apply a thin trail of
> glue along the whole lenth of the kissing surface and press them together.
> Sometimes long parts are warped like
> \ /
> \______/
> ______
> / \
> / \
> which is common in the left and right halves of a ship or a jet fighter,
> for these, you can't file them into shape, but you should still file them
> till they can be forced to kiss, then employ clothsline clip, paper clamps
> and rubber bands (or even a vise) to keep the parts pressed until the glue
> set. If you do it right, it should be as durable as modern kits.

Or if you have to sand a considerable amount, you may want to apply some
putty to fill in the gap. Hence, making the parts fit flush together.

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