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<<When I was a kid when these kits came out, that's the approach I took: not
staying together? More glue, different glue, huge big messy glob of glue.
It's a big failure and I got totally turned off by mecha kits. Now having
done a few kits from that era again, I know the answer is not glue.

The reason the glue doesn't hold the parts together is that the parts
don't "kiss" or "mate" perfectly, so the glue had only a few small spotty
areas to do their job. The proper modelling glue is thin (water-like) and
works by dissolving a bit of the kissing surfaces before evaporating away.
These glue can't be used to "bridge" gaps in mating surfaces.

The solution is not more glue, but test-fitting and then carefully sanding
and filing to make the parts kiss perfectly. Then apply a thin trail of
glue along the whole lenth of the kissing surface and press them together.
Sometimes long parts are warped like
  \ /
   / \
  / \
which is common in the left and right halves of a ship or a jet fighter,
for these, you can't file them into shape, but you should still file them
till they can be forced to kiss, then employ clothsline clip, paper clamps
and rubber bands (or even a vise) to keep the parts pressed until the glue
set. If you do it right, it should be as durable as modern kits.

Actually the same principle applies to HG and even MG models. Modern
molds are more precise but still not perfect. There are still flash,
warps and other defects that need trimming, sanding and filing. This is
true even when you aren't the type who glue HG/MG kits.>>
I do all that stuff. I don't care if its a "no glue and paint reguired" kit,
I still glue it and paint it. I don't even use the stickers.
<<Anyway, why are you building the LG Gundam? It looks like many of the
early 80s MS will come out as HGUC. If you are looking for challenges, do
some major remodelling of an HGUC rather than fighting with those old
kits. >>
I am only doing the old kits because I am looking for a challenge. The HGUC
kits have no challenge. How would I remodel a HGUC kit? I've done the Zeta,
 I really can't remodel it unless I want to make a whole new gundam.

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