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Mon, 24 Jul 2000 22:20:08 -0700

Chris Maier wrote:

> I read on Mark's site that the animation is'nt too hot. What's wrong with
> it?

Fairly bland, not alot of shading, simple character designs, and weird MS
designs. However... It's still a great series, with interesting characters and
some of the most easy to hate villains in all of Gundam.
Victory Gundam proves that, Zeta does'nt have the market cornered on
Treacherous females and horrifying personal tragedy! Tomino at his best.

Also the 13 year old kid protagonist is probably the most mature Gundam pilot,
other than Amuro in CCA and chris from 0083.

One caveat: the series starts out with alot of slapstick, but mellows out
pretty quick.

---Brett Jensen

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