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>I found something that I thought was interesting, and I had to share.

My roommate eats more curry than should really be allowed, and I noticed one
of the brands of curry powder that he uses.
He say's that it's very popular in India, and I have to wonder if it's
popular in Japan.

The name, Lalah and Sons.


A little bit about curry that a mysterious young girl in a yellow summer
dress accompanied by a swan once told me next to a lake...
Curry is not a spice, but actually a blend of spices. In India, there was
really never anything call curry. When the Brits arrived and smelled the
curious aroma coming from every kitchen, they decided to give it a try and
liked it (most of them anyway). They are the ones that dubbed it with the
name "curry". The Indians have since adopted that name for their blend of
There are quite a few different blend of Indian curry, my favorite being
something call "vindaloo". If made correctly, this one kicks some serious
There are also other kinds of "curry" from different countries, like
Thailand, Singapore, West Indies, and Jamaica, just to name a few. They all
have very different blends of different blend. I strongly encourage all to
give them all a try.
As for Japanese "curry"...well they just like to put a twist on everything.
There are curry flavors such as "coffee", "apple", etc. Give them a try.
You might like it.
The girl also told me that one should beware of the amount of "curry" he or
she consumes because the spices can create a large volume of a mysterious
force call gas, that when expelled, can sometimes lift individuals off the
ground! I guess that is how some Indians can levitate! Or they could just
be newtype...
An ohh... she did say that if she have a son some day, she would name him
Char (from CCA), and she would definitely open up a curry spice company with
him!!! So Bill, there you have it!
Anyway... Got to go make some curry
Gus Jae
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> I see a lot of curry at the japanese markets (Or at least it's _always_
> present) but I don't think the japanese have got it quite right. Then
> I don't think so of indians either - now thai curries? Heaven :)
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