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The "barrel" thing is a Anti Personnel 12.7mm Vulcan Cannon.
Basically, the description says that it's a first time for a Gundam (well,
uptill 0079) to have a close range/anti-personnel weapon. Despite the fact
that Shiiro Amada hates mass destruction weapons like grenades and A.P.
guns, one can guess that he recommended this to be installed to ward off
human threats. The gunpod and the sensors are contained within the chest
and they can move around left and right @60 degrees and up and down @20
degrees. 60 degrees allows a good enough coverage of area. This sensor
also helps cover the blind spots of the head sensors.

The back pack for the EZ-8 kit is the parachute pack. It's used in episode
9 in the series. It's used for the RX79 [g] as well. The top is the
parachute portion, the bottom is the jet portion. There are 3 parachutes
contained within the top portion and 3 smaller guide chutes on the outside.
Once the guide chutes open, the container (top) will break apart and the
larger 3 parachutes inside will open up as well. The rocket portion is used
just before landing to reduce shock and is propelled around 1 second. The
Centor of the rocket portion is the payload and can be used to store weapons
as well. The belt strap attached to the rockets and gundam is about 21.5m,
and it's used for balance between the timing of landing and propelling.


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> I don't read Japanese, and I haven't seen the series it's in, so maybe one
> of you can help me figure out what that barrel-looking thing under the
> cockpit of the Ez8 is all about. The only reason I'm asking is that it
> shows a close-up of it in the booklet. Do you know what I'm talking
> It has kind of a vertical slice in it on one side, and hangs right below
> that huge panel that opens up for the cockpit entrance/exit. Also what is
> stored in the giant backpack with straps? I don't leave it on him because
> it's too cumbersome. Come to think about it, I don't leave my RX-79's
> backpack on either. What is that one for? Thanks for any help.
> -Jeremy
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> On Mon, 24 Jul 2000 Doom4duke@aol.com wrote:
> > page 11, bottom right corner under Mr. Masking Solution
> > page 15, top left corner its pointing to the box full of gundam model
> parts.
> > page 97, the text right under the MG gelgoog
> Hmm... without even going home to actually look at the book, I can pretty
> much tell you.
> p.11: Mr. Masking Sol. can be brushed on parts of the model to protect
> those parts while painting. Afterwards, you can peel off the rubber
> coating.
> p.15: (this is still part of the chapter on "Tools and Material") All the
> spare parts or salvaged parts from damaged models can also be used for
> bashing or modifying future model projects. Don't throw them away.
> p.97: The latest Master Grade models are Gelgoog and Gundam GP-01 (or
> GP-01Fb?). Master Grade models have a very high level of details and
> everyone should buy lots and lots of MG models... or something like that.
> I could be wrong on these. But there's nothing very interesting on page
> 11, 15 and 97. The meat chapters are ch.2-5.
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