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Mon, 24 Jul 2000 23:51:13 -0700

>Eddie writes,
>>Bandai's catalog just lumps them together with the original Gundam kits,
>>even though they never appeared in the TV episodes.
> Yep, they were released towards the tail end of the original model series.

Hehe, I remember buying the 1/100 scale ones when they first came out,
thinking how bizarre-looking they were, even for amphibious suits.
Kondo went even further by adding a huge "evil eye" on the back of one
of their heads.

> Man, the last couple of 0079 volumes are pretty awesome. Kondo's
>evidently decided that he's better off skipping the character stuff and
>concentrating on extended mecha fight sequences, and wow, his take on
>Jaburo is super-savage. I love the bit where the Komusai capsules are
>bobbing about in the river waiting to pick up surviving mobile suits...

The beam defense of Jaburo is also pretty brutal. He almost rewrote the
whole scene for the Kiki-gang's Jaburo hijinks, though.

> Yeah, that's right. The "Agg series" mobile suits were cut simply for
>narrative reasons... perhaps the staff were worried that the amphibious
>mobile suits were already heading into monster-of-the-week territory, and
>didn't want to exacerbate it by rolling out a new one every single episode.

I doubt that was the reason - after all, the monster-of-the-week syndrome
went into overdrive as the White Base returns to space - you got the
Zakulero and the Biguro waiting for them in orbit, then came the Brau Bro
and the Bigzam... Gyan showed up for no more than 2 episodes, etc.

> The book "GunPla Generation" actually tells you which specific episodes
>most of these creatures were cut from, and I noted this info in the
>profiles on my site.



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