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Paul Fields wrote:
> Well RTG scaled back operations to part time for most staffers, and Atomic
> Rocket Games licensed the Mekton Product, but hasn't published anything,
> they are gathering strength and are mostly part time themselves, basically
> all the parties involved have full time day-jobs elsewhere.

        Mekton need a little bit more the Cyberpunk sharper and harder
edge. The ability to get turned into ground chuck and hitting the
gurgling and the corpsman quickly tries to put in a chest tube to keep
lungs from collapsing and stop the breathing as angry little copper
hornets crack past each capable of doing the same to unarmored flesh.
> to get somewhere they can talk... then she pulls her sidearm, and tells him
> to get the hell out.

        Obviously there's no security personnel walking down the mechaline
with a loaded weapon...? Wait that would end your campaign somewhat
and it seems like Feds laways end uip with egg on their faces :P.

> There are friendly Planes in the area, and conventional
> vehicles, but
> even this 08th MS team style Gundam would wipe the floor with them.

        With only 20 RX79s and one Ez8 (shouldn't it be
Gundam Jumbo; this is a M4 medium tank. Real treadheads
don't call their rides after generals that's an British
abomination :P) pushes my suspension of disbelief. Why
couldn't they retconned it so that the previous Gundams
became basis for more RX79s and Easy Eights. If you
have something that can go out and kick the enemy's teeth
in and leave very ugly bruises on their backside you do
it. You win wars aprtly by your soldiers getting out
of their holes, grabbing the gomers by the nose and KICK
        Although in all fairness a Gundam is supposed to be
a one shot prototype over and over until Wanker Boy decides to
go on his Napoleonic fit and the Feds let him have his time in
the sun before giving him his much deserved Waterloo. I think
hanging, drawing and quartering would be much too good to Chuckie
the Space Nazi.
        If you're going to build Gundams don't waste resources
by trying to build the mobile armor of the week. Get it to the

> So the pressure is entirely on our hero not to let the mobile suit fall into
> enemy
> hands... we all know what Heero would do, but this isn't Wing...

        Thank God. It seems like the estrogen brigade in the
US is managing to ruin a perfectly good (well nobody should
be that pretty; combatants like the war they fight should be ugly,
brutal and vicious) mech series.

> "She's got my Gundam but I love her" actually the character did have a
> cat... Man
> if she gets the MS and the Cat he'd kill me.

        A cat... Guys don't have cats... Real men wear T-shirts that
says "Cat: The Other White Meat".

                                                        Mad Mike

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