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Eddie writes,

>Bandai's catalog just lumps them together with the original Gundam kits,
>even though they never appeared in the TV episodes.

  Yep, they were released towards the tail end of the original model series.

>They are all over the
>place during the Jaburo seige in volume 7 of Kondo's 0079 manga though.

  Man, the last couple of 0079 volumes are pretty awesome. Kondo's
evidently decided that he's better off skipping the character stuff and
concentrating on extended mecha fight sequences, and wow, his take on
Jaburo is super-savage. I love the bit where the Komusai capsules are
bobbing about in the river waiting to pick up surviving mobile suits...

>Since these suits are amphibious, could it be deducted that the decision to
>end the series early has been made before the Jaburo battle episodes were
>scripted and animated? I've always been under the impression that the
>decision to wind the series down early wasn't made until the White Base
>has returned to space.

  Yeah, that's right. The "Agg series" mobile suits were cut simply for
narrative reasons... perhaps the staff were worried that the amphibious
mobile suits were already heading into monster-of-the-week territory, and
didn't want to exacerbate it by rolling out a new one every single episode.

  The book "GunPla Generation" actually tells you which specific episodes
most of these creatures were cut from, and I noted this info in the
profiles on my site.

-- Mark

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