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Mark writes,

>> In the original TV series, you usually see GMs and Balls paired up in
>>twosomes... makes sense that the close-combat GM rushes forward to engage
>>the enemy, while the long-range Ball covers him from a safe distance.

Eddie replies,

>With that arrangement, a scene like the one where the Zaku scores a goal
>on the GM by kicking the Ball would never occur though.

  Well, that's what happens if the Ball gets too close. Same deal with
Gato taking out a GM-Ball pair in 0083's opening flashback. If the Ball
had been hanging back to provide covering fire for the GM, things might
have gone a little more better for the Feds. :-)

Mad Mike writes,

> And looking at Amada's first taste of Earth mech combat-
>mean, vicious and nasty but at least you don't die with you're
>lungs on fire as you left to suck vacuum it seems like radar type
>systems are availiable and present on MSs in addition they work.
>Somebody want to explain that little diversion from accepted canon?

  Most of the detection in 08th MS Team is done with sonar rather than
radar... but regardless, since mobile suits can't themselves perform
Minovsky jamming, a lot of mobile suit battles on the ground are going to
take place without Minovsky cover. In space, both sides generally have
several big warships to perform the jamming.

  In V Gundam, you do see mobile suits armed with Minovsky particle
shells for battlefield jamming (i.e. the Tomliatts that Usso fights in
Barcelona), so it _is_ theoretically possible for mobile suits to provide
their own ECM.

-- Mark

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