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>> Add the angry kid as the portagonist, the blondie for the other side.
>Actually we got the kid and he grew into it... angst and all, the girl is a

>for the sake of flavor, and it works ok... Funniest thing is the situation,

>it was a
>all or nothing fight against the bad guys, the bad guys lost, but out of 4

>units, the
>3 GMs are 1 ejected from a perfect suit (scorched cockpit, no chair) and 2

>with no left legs... combine this with a perfectly unscathed Gundam with our

>grabbing the girl, and she rides behind him as they move off towards the
>to get somewhere they can talk... then she pulls her sidearm, and tells him

>to get
>the hell out. Since all of the other GMs in this part of Northern Europe are

>for mobility reasons she'll be able to make it to any nearby Zeon base with

>no one
>to oppose her. There are friendly Planes in the area, and conventional
>vehicles, but
>even this 08th MS team style Gundam would wipe the floor with them.
>So the pressure is entirely on our hero not to let the mobile suit fall into

>hands... we all know what Heero would do, but this isn't Wing...
>> > is trying to Gundam-jack him right now as a matter of fact...)
>> You know this sounds like a themse of a country western song.
>> Women taking a man's mech. What no dog too... :D?
>"She's got my Gundam but I love her" actually the character did have a
>cat... Man
>if she gets the MS and the Cat he'd kill me.

My campaign had a similar situation, involving a female zeon ace pilot and a
hapless PC. poor guy.
She nearly got away with it too, but PC guy got her in a nice dilemma about
whether she wanted to live and steal MS another day, or die while delivering
said MS. all this accomplished with a simple Heero-ic ideal: a self-destruct

If I wanted to rage against the dying of the light, I would have brought a

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