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> What the goddam hell is RTG doing these days? Are they still
> in business?

Well RTG scaled back operations to part time for most staffers, and Atomic
Rocket Games licensed the Mekton Product, but hasn't published anything,
they are gathering strength and are mostly part time themselves, basically
the parties involved have full time day-jobs elsewhere.

> Add the angry kid as the portagonist, the blondie for the other side.

Actually we got the kid and he grew into it... angst and all, the girl is a
for the sake of flavor, and it works ok... Funniest thing is the situation,
it was a
all or nothing fight against the bad guys, the bad guys lost, but out of 4
units, the
3 GMs are 1 ejected from a perfect suit (scorched cockpit, no chair) and 2
with no left legs... combine this with a perfectly unscathed Gundam with our
grabbing the girl, and she rides behind him as they move off towards the
to get somewhere they can talk... then she pulls her sidearm, and tells him
to get
the hell out. Since all of the other GMs in this part of Northern Europe are
for mobility reasons she'll be able to make it to any nearby Zeon base with
no one
to oppose her. There are friendly Planes in the area, and conventional
vehicles, but
even this 08th MS team style Gundam would wipe the floor with them.

So the pressure is entirely on our hero not to let the mobile suit fall into
hands... we all know what Heero would do, but this isn't Wing...


> > is trying to Gundam-jack him right now as a matter of fact...)
> You know this sounds like a themse of a country western song.
> Women taking a man's mech. What no dog too... :D?

"She's got my Gundam but I love her" actually the character did have a
cat... Man
if she gets the MS and the Cat he'd kill me.


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