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Paul Fields wrote:
> I run a Gundam 0079 game by Mekton Zeta rules with some bits thrown
> in from Mecha Press, Cyberpunk, Mekton II, and some common sense.

        What the goddam hell is RTG doing these days? Are they still
in business?
> We also bow heavily to the animation when situations arise that might get
> thrown out of other 'serious' games, my game is deadly serious, but still an
> anime, if that makes any sense.

        Well this is Gundam. New Types, space nazis, OLs working at mech
factories, a government that can't grow a pair of brass cojones (the
you can only move around in a wheelbarrow), yadda yadda yadda. Add the
angry kid as the portagonist, the blondie for the other side.

> Printable MS sheets are coming, character Bios will all be fleshed out soon
> the episode guide to the game is in the works, and a real honest to goodness
> who is in love with whom anime chart is also on its way. (very important to
> the storyline because a character with the Gundam fell in love with a spy,
> she
> is trying to Gundam-jack him right now as a matter of fact...)

        You know this sounds like a themse of a country western song.
Women taking a man's mech. What no dog too... :D?

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