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Now he tells me!!!
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> >> Yep I love sapporo ichiban as well only one small problem it's way too
> >> :( so I"m stuck with the Korean "Shin" Ramen which is nice hot and
> >> the way I like especially when I place some egg and fish cakes in :)
> >
> >The only crummy sapporo ichiban is the miso flavor. But then I don't
> >like miso that much either. The Shin Ramyun is really good, I have like
> >of them in my cupboard. Actually, I like everyhting from nong shim that
> >tried.
> Man, all this talk about ramen gets me worried about you people who have
> cartons sitting in your pads. Better make sure the ones you eat don't
> preservative (I think most of them do) and don't eat the same thing too
> I've heard of this college kid who practically lived on ramen and he died
> liver failure on his graduation day because of the preservative in the
> Eddie
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