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At 08:19 PM 7/24/00 -0700, -Z- wrote:
>The official language of space appears to Basic English, which is already the
>international language for air traffic control, shortwave radio and, of
>the Internet.
>And, as noted in Gundam 0080, the people of Side 3 apparently speak it
with an
>accent close enough to Australian to get away with claiming to be from
>My scientific wild-@$$ guess is that the Zeon speak Received Standard
>also known as "BBC English" -- the standardized pronunciation used on the
>by newsreaders of all nationalities.

My quick answer was English & French, using the EU, the Olympics, UN, etc.
as a model. On reflection, I'd opt for either an official policy of
monolingualism with English as the statutory and working language, or a
policy of multilingualism, knid of like the deal in South Africa after '96.
 In that case English would be the working langauge, but a lot of other
languages would have official status.

Either way, think it needs more thought.


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