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Here is Emotion's site for it:
Looks pretty interesting....
I think Mark might know a little bit more about it, seeing as how I recall
the import review section of Animerica doing one of those little tiny
reviews of it...

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> << I've been going through the web site of the VA who does Trowa Barton,
> Kirby Morrow(At I found something quite interesting
> looking through the credits. Apparently, according to his voice credits,
> was in "Z-Mind" as Akira. Now, if I remember correctly, Z-mind is a
> Sunrise/Bandai series that was released last year in Japan, and the name
> Akira definetly has a Japanese ring to it. Now, this kinda fits with a
> I read that Z-mind might be coming to America, and the fact that the Ocean
> cast might be dubbing it probably means it will be coming to TV. Why, I
> have'nt the slighest, except for the fact that Bandai seems to be going
> licensing their stuff to FOX and other networks.
> Now, this guy seems to confirm it. It's not the most reliable site
> though-it says he was "Goku" in Dragonball Z, but Goku was only played by
> OCEAN actors(Ian Corlett and Peter Kalamis) and I know Kirby Murrow was
> in the role. So we'll see. >>
> What is Z-mind about? Is it a mecha show? Is there any web sites that
> pictures of Z-mind?
> Aaron
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