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Mon, 24 Jul 2000 09:09:16 -0700

Edward Ju wrote:

> I don't watch much dubbed anime, and if what was done on Wing was considered
> good, you can imagine how horrible the other dubs must be.

I'll usually check out the dub tracks on the DVDs I buy, and yes it can get much
much worse than Gundam W! Even good old uncle Carl's stuff is pretty high on the
quality spectrum compared to some of the crap that's come out.

I consider GW to be a good dub because it doesn't make me cringe (much) and the
script is fairly accurate. It doesn't make me jump for joy though. Anime on TV is
gonna be dubbed whether we like it or not, so it might as well be a good (enough)

The only dub I've seen which I would consider as good as the original, at least in
acting terms is Cowboy Bebop. I can watch either track on the DVD and enjoy them

---Brett Jensen


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