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Mon, 24 Jul 2000 23:55:14 -0400

> Which game is this incidentally?
> The Feds really need to take a look at NTC at Fort Irwin
> for ground combat and ahve a space version of Red flag or Top Gun.

I run a Gundam 0079 game by Mekton Zeta rules with some bits thrown
in from Mecha Press, Cyberpunk, Mekton II, and some common sense.

We also bow heavily to the animation when situations arise that might get
thrown out of other 'serious' games, my game is deadly serious, but still an
anime, if that makes any sense.

Try my website, look for the Gundam Mekton link, and when you get in
rules are on the left, mobile suits in the middle, characters on the right.

Printable MS sheets are coming, character Bios will all be fleshed out soon
the episode guide to the game is in the works, and a real honest to goodness
who is in love with whom anime chart is also on its way. (very important to
the storyline because a character with the Gundam fell in love with a spy,
is trying to Gundam-jack him right now as a matter of fact...)


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