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> >Pezun was a Zeon asteroid base, the opposite number of Solomon, during the
> >Year War. Where Solomon was in L1 near Side 1, Pezun was in L2 near Side 2.
> >never appeared in any of the Gundam anime, but figures prominently in Gundam
> >Sentinel as the site of the New Decides revolt.
> Umm. Big error in orbital geography here. Side 1 (along with Side 4 and
> Solomon) orbits the L5 Lagrange point. Side 2 (along with Side 6 and Pezun)
> orbit L4.
> L1 is home to Side 5, while L2 is home to Zeon (Side 3).

Typographical error. I typed "L1" instead of L5 because I was thinking "Side 1"
(which followed immediately) and "L2" instead of L4 because I was thinking "Side
2" (ditto). That's what happens when you don't re-read before clicking SEND.

For the correct arrangement, browse:


In any case, the disposition of asteroids in the Earth Sphere, in alphabetical
order, is as follows:

- A'Bao'A'Qu (later Gate of Zedan) at L2 near Side 3.

- Axis arrives in 0087 and rams Gate of Zedan, rebounds toward Granada, and is
redirected back into L2, where it apparently takes the place A'Bao'A'Qu/Gate of
Zedan as resident asteroid. An attempt to drop it onto the Earth in UC 0093 is
a key element in the climax of Gundam CCA.

- Core-3 is hooked up to Axis in UC 0088. A minor plot element toward the end
of Gundam ZZ.

- Luna² (formerly 3 Juno) at L3 near Side 7 (later just Green Oasis & Gryps).

- Mauser (or Mowsa) appears to be a spherical asteroid tethered to Axis. It
contains the gravity block system for Axis and may be totally artificial, but if
so why give it a name?

- Pezun at L4 near Side 2.

- Solomon (later Kompeitoh) at L5 near Side 1.


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