Chris Maier (
Mon, 24 Jul 2000 23:52:01 -0400

I've been going through the web site of the VA who does Trowa Barton, Kirby Morrow(At I found something quite interesting while looking through the credits. Apparently, according to his voice credits, he was in "Z-Mind" as Akira. Now, if I remember correctly, Z-mind is a Sunrise/Bandai series that was released last year in Japan, and the name Akira definetly has a Japanese ring to it. Now, this kinda fits with a rumor I read that Z-mind might be coming to America, and the fact that the Ocean cast might be dubbing it probably means it will be coming to TV. Why, I have'nt the slighest, except for the fact that Bandai seems to be going nuts licensing their stuff to FOX and other networks.
 Now, this guy seems to confirm it. It's not the most reliable site though-it says he was "Goku" in Dragonball Z, but Goku was only played by two OCEAN actors(Ian Corlett and Peter Kalamis) and I know Kirby Murrow was never in the role. So we'll see.

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