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Paul Fields wrote:
> Actually my gaming group found this one out early

        And did it work... You may not always come out of
a fight able to count most coup and have bloody scalps hanging
off your war belt but chances are if you practice sound tactics,
have good leadership and able to communicate clearly and
concisely under fire your side will win the war or at least you
will get to come home alive.

> Anywhere I can get these formations online, I stressed once to my
> players 2 man covering teams would save their asses, as they were
> all acting like 3 Amuro Reis going off on their own, and being beat
> by Zeon teams...

        Which game is this incidentally?
        The Feds really need to take a look at NTC at Fort Irwin
for ground combat and ahve a space version of Red flag or Top Gun.

                                                        Mad Mike

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