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Mark Simmons wrote:
> Yeah, that's sort of the decoy position. :-)

        While it's a rather disturbing fact a very small minority of
the combatants score most of the kills espeically fighter pilots;
however, given enough training most pilots who survive their first
dozen missions or sorties will probably end up surviving the war.
The trick is to ease in that of greeness to that of harsh reality.
In war that's not always not an option with attrition.

> Exactly. Or, on the other hand, they can fight in two-man teams where one
> guy attacks and the other watches his back (I recall this model was adopted
> by WWII pilots for the same reason).

        Thatch Weave with the US Navy especially before 1943 when Navy
and Marine Corps fighter squadrons were flying F4Fs versus A6M Zero
types or Ki-43 Oscar variants. Brits and USAAF found flying in fours
very effective...
        It should be noted that while the West and Germans found pairing
up or making four plane formations most effective the Japanese
on sticking with threes. Somebody needs to talk to Henry Sakiada or
Rene Francillion why they opted for that type of flying.

> In the original TV series, you usually see GMs and Balls paired up in
> twosomes... makes sense that the close-combat GM rushes forward to engage
> the enemy, while the long-range Ball covers him from a safe distance. So the
> four-man theory actually accounts perfectly for what we see on-screen. And a
> team of two GMs and Balls, organized thusly, seems more effective than a
> three-GM team...

        Failure to coordiante, provide effective overwatch, and learn to
train, deploy, and fight like a cohesive unit will cause you blood.
08th MS team does give me some concern on their platoon structure.
the single hover track (track as in any tracked vehicle not readily
associated with a tank) give a force good reconnaisance coverage with
a passive seismic array and onboard processing systems (similar
in oncept to modern hydrophones and the computers that analyze their
signautres) it's better to have your recon assets centralized and
provide information down the chain of command.
        And looking at Amada's first taste of Earth mech combat-
mean, vicious and nasty but at least you don't die with you're
lungs on fire as you left to suck vacuum it seems like radar type
systems are availiable and present on MSs in addition they work.
Somebody want to explain that little diversion from accepted canon?

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