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> > >Yes it's personal preference. However, I don't see any good reason to
> seek
> > >to prevent people from expressing their particular preference on this
> >
> > Because, Chris, this topic has a bad habit of turning into flamewars. I
> > still have one member of the ML filtered from the fansub flamewar about
> > month back. I don't want to see another, and after 20 years in anime
> > fandom, this is one of the topics that gets people hotter under the
> > than anything...

Maybe what's worse is that its been 20 years and people who like Subs
still like subs, and people who like dubs are still buying dubs, since such
a hot topic never gains any real resolution its best not to discuss it...

I mean it never even gets a technical treatment, like oh I dunno...


"Dubs wouldn't be so bad if they used real actors like Batman or Gargoyles"
"And Subs wouldn't be so bad if they could learn to not cover 70% of the
 screen for a whole minute, I never get to see the animation, its more like
 Japanese script reading... wait your calling Mark Hamil and Johnothan
 Frakes real actors... have you ever SEEN the Guyver Live Action?"
"Yeah it was Dy-no-mite"

>End Bad Example<

Besides with many of the Anime Companies going to DVD only, the
choice is simple, watch English Dub, or Japanese voice with English
Sub... I've seen 130$ cheap-o-the-line DVD players, so just quit the
whining its coming get ready...

If you're smart you'll get all your Sub or Dub friends to petition DVD
companies when they think about not giving you Sub options, or an
English track on a DVD, or you can bitch about what isn't coming out
while your 15 year old VHS and BETA tapes wear thin...

Not meant to be a flame starter just handwriting on the subway walls...
tenement halls... echo in a world of silence...


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