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I's very good to remain optimistic.
I'd like Gundam to not become *too* popular, but sort of hover just short of
being a fad, like Marvel has. You know, sort of hover below that level just
enough so that we'll still see series being distributed here by Bandai.
Potential overkill could be bad for a series; just look at Pokemon. While
far from the best example of anime, it's been bashed so harshly it can
hardly stand anymore....although I can't see many criticisms of Pokemon
being transferred to Gundam. The merchandising angle is'nt as valid, there
are'nt 150 Gundams for you to collect in a trading card game, just model
kits which I'm sure Pokemon's audience might have a difficult time putting
together(Although they're probably just as addictive as the card game). The
animation argument really is'nt a big deal, who honestly cares about
animation quality anyway? Besides, it's good enough-far better Pokemon,
anyway, and a lot better than most American TV animation(With a couple of
exceptions)-and lastly, I don't think that people can really say that Gundam
is cute unless they pick on poor Haro.The biggest potential problem I think
Gundam will face will be from people saying Gundam is a Transformers or Star
Wars ripoff, I think.

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> >Yes it's personal preference. However, I don't see any good reason to
> >to prevent people from expressing their particular preference on this
> Because, Chris, this topic has a bad habit of turning into flamewars. I
> still have one member of the ML filtered from the fansub flamewar about a
> month back. I don't want to see another, and after 20 years in anime
> fandom, this is one of the topics that gets people hotter under the
> than anything...
> >>
> Excatly. Now, to safer topics. I do not want Gundam to be a fad, as
> don't last very long. If Gundam becomes a fad, most Gundam shows will
> be shown on US television, because with the US TV schedule, it will take
> years to show all of Gundam! :)
> Most fad's only last a few years. Gundam has been around for 20 years
> there's so much Gundam stuff out there, that Gundam's going to need to
> interest for years in the US. I mean, if we're lucky, stuff like Crossbone
> Gundam, Gaia Gear and the various novels and manga's could get animated to
> help keep interest in Gundam in the US, if Gundam in the US last's long
> enough that the anime is exhausted.
> All that's been shown on US television is Wing. So, it seems likely only
> one Gundam show a year will be shown, if interest in Gundam stays fairly
> steady. By the time all the Gundam anime's shown in the US, there's likely
> be 2-4 new Gundam show's waiting in the background, ya know! :)
> Some are tired of Gundam, but I think Gundam's still got plenty of life
> it. Bandai is constantly making new kits and toys of various Gundam shows,
> that's got to mean there's still tons of Gundam interest in Japan yet. As
> long as Gundam makes money for Bandai and Sunrise, Gundam will exist.
> will only cease to exist when Gundam no longer makes money. We all know if
> Gundam wasn't still profitable, it would have been canned long ago.
> Aaron
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