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I noticed that versions of the Dowadge and the Galbaldy do make to Zeta and
ZZ....are they intended a a sort of homage to MSX?

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> Dafydd writes,
> > The Pezun series is another name for the MS-X series.
> Not precisely... let's say that the Pezun series are a _subset_ of the
> MS-X line.
> MS-X was originally supposed to be an original Gundam sequel created for
> Comic Bombom, but they canned it when Z Gundam - a genuine animated
sequel -
> was announced. The story was going to feature a bunch of all-new mobile
> suits (rather than the minor variants featured in the MSV line), most of
> which were inspired by descriptions from the 52-episode TV series outline.
> Most of the Zeon mobile suits - the Dowadge, Acht Zaku, Gigan, Gasshia,
> and Galbaldy - were supposedly spawned by the Pezun Project, a secret
> program carried out at the eponymous asteroid base in the last weeks of
> war. The Heavy Gundam was to be part of the Federal Forces team that
> attacked the base and battled all these wacky prototypes.
> The Agg, Juagg, Agguguy, and Zogok weren't supposed to be part of the
> story. These were designs that had been created for the TV series, and
> turned into models, but whose moments of glory were cut from the final
> episodes. If you've seen them classified as MS-X mobile suits, it's
> just because the book editors didn't know where else to put them. (I've
> filed them under MSV, but that's technically not correct either.)
> > If I read my Data Collection 13: Original MS in Games correctly, the
line now
> > also includes the MS-N01 Kikeroga.
> As a mobile suit described in the 52-episode outline but never actually
> drawn up until 20 years later, I guess you could consider the Kikeroga to
> a sort of honorary MS-X. :-)
> -- Mark
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