Paul Fields (
Mon, 24 Jul 2000 22:14:31 -0400

> Overwatch is your friend. Repeat this holy mantra :D. A two mech
> element can lay down supressive fire as the lead elements can cross
> several hundred yards of contested space (occupied by Space Nazis)

Actually my gaming group found this one out early

> Also four mechs can make for an impressive wedge, vee and echelon
> left and right formation as well as being able to put a serious amount

Anywhere I can get these formations online, I stressed once to my
players 2 man covering teams would save their asses, as they were
all acting like 3 Amuro Reis going off on their own, and being beat
by Zeon teams...

Now I'd just like the formations to put them on my webpage for the
game as a little reminder to future teams.


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