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While we're on this topic, I need someone to do me a favor. Can you tell me off-list when and where any new Gundam series' will be airing (or any good anime)? I don't watch TV, so I will need someone to tell me. I know, it will be all over the list, but I'm going to have to leave the list soon. If anyone is able and willing to do this, please contact me any time at or on AIM under the screen name "robotick64" usually around 8PM to 1AM Central (US), or you can just give me your AIM names and I will bug you whenever I see you online. Thank you very much for anything you can do.
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  In a word? Horrible.
  First off, its airing on Fox Kids. it's going to be edited to death.
  Second, it sounds like they're removing Yoko Kanno's score. Apparently FOX wanted it gone, but Bandai said no. Good, right? All of the press releases i've been reading since are talking about an "upgraded score". Unless Kanno is doing a whole new OST, to quote Han Solo, "I've got a bad feeling about this..."
  Did I mention that it would be edited to death? Remeber. This is FOX Kids, a network targetted at 6-12 year olds. This isn't even the cartoon network. It's going to be cut to pieces :( Why the hell FK picked up the rights is beyond me, Escaflowne should really be marketted to 14 to 99 year olds....
  It's going to be so depressing to watch one of my favorites defiled :/ Can you honestly think that Dilandau, one of my favorite anime baddies, will make it through unscathed? Sigh.
  Not to sound overly negative or anything, but all signs are pointing to this being a bad, bad thing.
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    I wonder how well Escaflowne would do...

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