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Mad Mike wrote:
> Mark Simmons wrote:
> > The old MSV kit manuals claimed that Federation MS teams retained the
> > five-unit formation used by fighters. This is echoed in the MG GM kit
> Overwatch is your friend. Repeat this holy mantra :D. A two mech
> element can lay down supressive fire as the lead elements can cross
> several hundred yards of contested space (occupied by Space Nazis)

Let's say we fly teams of 4 suits. What's a sensible distance between the
suits? In 0079, it seems to be about 50m between the nearest suits. In
Z, they seem to fly pretty tight, touching hands often to communicate.
(but both Z and ZZ employ a lot of 1-suit teams, especially 1-suit with a
BMFG) In V, they opened up real wide as they use those wacky wheel
thingies and were in constant fear of exploding MS reactors.

Just thinking these things as I was involuntarily watching Memphis Belle.
In a scene a bomber (B-17?) shot down a German interceptor only to watch
its carcass chop a friendly in half. In another scene, the bombers were
flying through the clouds in a close formation and nearly crashed into
each other.

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