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Mad Mike writes,

> Not smart. Not smart at all. The fifth man will be easily cut
> apart.

  Yeah, that's sort of the decoy position. :-)

> Overwatch is your friend. Repeat this holy mantra :D. A two mech
> element can lay down supressive fire as the lead elements can cross
> several hundred yards of contested space (occupied by Space Nazis)
> into a better position and afterwards cover the traveling element
> as they do the same.

  Exactly. Or, on the other hand, they can fight in two-man teams where one
guy attacks and the other watches his back (I recall this model was adopted
by WWII pilots for the same reason).

  In the original TV series, you usually see GMs and Balls paired up in
twosomes... makes sense that the close-combat GM rushes forward to engage
the enemy, while the long-range Ball covers him from a safe distance. So the
four-man theory actually accounts perfectly for what we see on-screen. And a
team of two GMs and Balls, organized thusly, seems more effective than a
three-GM team...

> It could be the two extra suits are for the company commander
> and executive officer so the four three suit platoons can be further
> subdivided into two demi type companies.

  Possibly, but in the animation you never see odd mobile suits for the
company commanders - everything's in multiples of three, with the commander
right in the thick of things...

-- Mark

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