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Dafydd writes,

> The Pezun series is another name for the MS-X series.

  Not precisely... let's say that the Pezun series are a _subset_ of the
MS-X line.

  MS-X was originally supposed to be an original Gundam sequel created for
Comic Bombom, but they canned it when Z Gundam - a genuine animated sequel -
was announced. The story was going to feature a bunch of all-new mobile
suits (rather than the minor variants featured in the MSV line), most of
which were inspired by descriptions from the 52-episode TV series outline.

  Most of the Zeon mobile suits - the Dowadge, Acht Zaku, Gigan, Gasshia,
and Galbaldy - were supposedly spawned by the Pezun Project, a secret
program carried out at the eponymous asteroid base in the last weeks of the
war. The Heavy Gundam was to be part of the Federal Forces team that
attacked the base and battled all these wacky prototypes.

  The Agg, Juagg, Agguguy, and Zogok weren't supposed to be part of the MS-X
story. These were designs that had been created for the TV series, and even
turned into models, but whose moments of glory were cut from the final
episodes. If you've seen them classified as MS-X mobile suits, it's probably
just because the book editors didn't know where else to put them. (I've
filed them under MSV, but that's technically not correct either.)

> If I read my Data Collection 13: Original MS in Games correctly, the line now
> also includes the MS-N01 Kikeroga.

  As a mobile suit described in the 52-episode outline but never actually
drawn up until 20 years later, I guess you could consider the Kikeroga to be
a sort of honorary MS-X. :-)

-- Mark

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