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Dear List:

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> lordvader@cfl.rr.com writes:
> > I've always been partial to Sapporo Ichiban...both the ramen and yakisoba.
> > Probably
> > not the cheapest option, but dangit, they're the best tastin'.
> Yeah, the Sapporo Ichiban is the best out of the japanese brick ramen. On
> the subject of yakisoba, have you seen the U.F.O. yakisoba bowls?... Hehe, I
> just cracked up when I saw that. I had to get one even tho they were
> expensive as hell.

I also like the Japanese brick ramen that is called "Chu Ka San Mai" (rough
translation is Chinese 3 taste, my Japenese sucks big time though I think the
Kanji sounds like it). Sure don't taste Chinese to me but they are really good
none-the-less. I've tried the Thai ramen, and don't really like them, there
is this flavour called the "Laksa" flavor that I suggest you all to avoid like
plague!! Yes, it is THAT nasty (and I am stuck with a whole carton!). Still
think the Korean ones are the best though.

Most Japanese import ramen are expensive as hell, that's why I mostly stick
with the Hong Kong ones.

About "Albertson's", I really missed the days when it was called "Lucky".


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