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Mon, 24 Jul 2000 16:44:11 -0700 (PDT)

Hey Gus:

> > ... I had a whole set of all
> > the 1:144, 1:100, 1:60 and had to throw them all away when I moved to the
> U.S.
> >
> > 8(
> >
> > > Michael
> Gee, that sounds just like what happened to me. I had kept a few things in
> one piece of luggage, and managed to lose that while we stopped over in
> Japan :(

Your sob story is so similar to mine! Besides having to throw most of my toys
away during the move, my family had also lost a piece of luggage that containted
some of my Microman toys, Tranformers and some of my favourite comics & manga
on our trip. Those were my favourite toys back then and I was really upset for
a while for losing them. My dad had some of his antiques & antique furnitures
broken during the immigration also, he probably lost more in terms of monetary
value than I did. 80

> That's probably why I am still so crazy about them 20 years later.

I think I've gotten over my Transformers & Microman craze, but my addiction to
Gundam and anime has been as strong as ever.

> Anyhow, the kits from the first 2 series are very much below today's
> standard. But they are good for kit bashing and practicing new Hobby Japan
> tricks.

I agree with you, the original 1:60 RX-78 Gundam had beam sabers that came in
2 soft rubbery clear/see through cylindrical "sticks" that you have to sharpen

> Gus Jae
> http://welcome.to/gusnjennswedding

Congrats on your wedding, I would have sent you some Gundam goodies if I had
more money... but my impending major service on my car means I won't have spare
cash for quite a while.

Looks from your webpage that you are also Chinese? Are you from Taiwan or Hong
Kong? Your wife is beautiful!


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