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> I'm in Santa Clara and I don't think getting to Fremont is a bitch since I
> have
> a car, where exactly is Beaman's anyway? If you ever feel like going over
> there
> for Gundam models, maybe I can give you a lift since I have no idea where
> the
> heck Beaman's is at.

Cool, yeah. Hehe I'm broke at the moment tho :) here's their website -
 <A HREF="">Frame Page
</A> It's on mission blvd, near the community college up
there (I can't remember the name) You take 680 I think (I'm not so good with
directions since I don't drive)

> I usually go with Nissin noodles because they are indeed pretty cheap and
> taste
> MUCH better than the American ramen. Since I am originally from Hong
> I
> am also partial to the "Doll" noodles, which is even cheaper! I was in
> with Korean noodles for a while because they are about the spiciest ramen
> out
> there, but had to avoid them ever since my severe ulcer problems started.
> Yeah,
> I know what you mean, I often slurp Japanese Ramen while watching anime or
> building Gundam models. Convenience is the thing and nothing is simpler
> than
> the instant ramen, tastes much better than the typical TV dinner IMO.

Hehe, I'm glad I'm not the only one. There's this one albertson's down here
that has these thai ramen bowls that I've never seen anywhere else. That
sucks about your ulcer. Especially since the korean noodles are so good :)

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